Fostering critical thinking in Nursing

Another sleepless night finds me updating my blog for PIDP 3250.  This post takes me back to my roots and had me thinking of my own subject matter: nursing.

The thing about nursing is that to make good nurses, it’s about getting students to be really good critical thinkers.  These days it’s death by PowerPoint and a lot of passive learning in the classroom.  I now realize that it is the curse of a novice instructor that makes me second guess my lesson plan and question if my activities are powerful enough to evoke critical thinking.  Low and behold the day finally comes when I have to let go of my nursing student’s hand and trust that he/she is going to make a good judgment call.

I found a neat website for nurse educators or clinical teachers to gather useful instructional strategies to use in both classroom, laboratory and clinical areas.  The University of New Mexico’s College of Nursing website showcases a page entitled “Teaching and Learning Strategies” where instructors can click on different methods and find examples and tutorials on how to use them.  Handy tool for health educators and definitely one that I will add to my repertoire.


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