Teachers need to be confident (insert exclamation mark here)

Hi all, I was responding to a response to a forum in my class and just realized something huge: teachers need confidence to impart good teaching.  Sounds simple but really, for new instructors out there on the front line, this can be a little daunting.

I still remember feeling unprepared and sick to my stomach before my first nursing arts class would begin.  Butterflies maybe, but it was more like “what if they ask me a question I don’t have the answer to?” or “Am I really the subject matter expert here?  there’s a doctor in this class for goodness sakes!”  I was feeling what most new instructors experience: lack of confidence.

I have been drawn to this website: Faculty Focus: Higher Ed teaching strategies from Magna Publications.  In particular, there was a piece done for their blog about teaching with confidence that you can find here.  It summed up my thoughts on Dr. John Hattie’s Visible Learning all the while as it gave strategies to boost your confidence in the classroom.  A really good read for new instructors out there.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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