The Instrucktional Journey Blog was created to meet requirements for a course that I am taking entitled, “Instructional Strategies.”  This is part of Vancouver Community College’s School of Instructor Education: Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP).  I am a first-time blogger and must admit that there is a lot to learn about this method of broadcasting my thoughts and opinions with…well, everybody!  I chose the title of my blog purely because the recent shift in my career path has been both STRUCK with excitement/fear and will be an ongoing JOURNEY.

Having studied in VCC’s Practical Nursing Program soon after graduating high school, it only seemed natural after 12 years to come and teach the program.  I worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse while attending University of Victoria to complete my Bachelor’s in Nursing.  For 3.5yrs I worked as a RN/staff nurse in various hospitals in the lower mainland.  I spent the next 3yrs working in community heath as a home care nurse on Vancouver Island in the Oceanside area.  I stumbled across teaching when a colleague of mine was desperate for a clinical nursing instructor for a private college.  I was able to help her out and ended up really enjoying it.  Soon after, an opportunity came my way to teach clinical at VCC and the rest is history.  I am currently in my 2nd year as an instructor in the Practical Nursing Department and recently achieved full time faculty status this year.


My name is Aimee Wheatley and I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia-Canada.  I have lived in B.C. all my life but have travelled parts of the world (time and finances allowing) and visited remarkable places and have been privy to meeting some amazing people.  My parents met and married in Vancouver in the early 1970’s when platform heels and bell-bottoms were all the rage.  My folks were immigrants from the Philippines and found their way to Canada for work and the prospect of a better life.  My older brother and I were both born before the 80’s and I am proud to say that I have had my photo taken with Expo Ernie.


As mentioned, the blog will concentrate on instructional strategies-theory from text and my own experiences with these concepts.  I hope to grow professionally from what takes place and the comments left.  Blog-on.




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