I am legend.

Just had a thought on this cold, stormy, windy Vancouver day…(no, not Armageddon)–I was thinking of what I was going to post on my blog today and thought, “Why am I voluntarily putting myself through 2 online courses on what should be my holidays?”  That ended up opening a can of worms and I spent time thinking about the switch in my career path and revisiting the ol’ goals list.

Background info:  I spent the day doing a google search for “instructional strategies for college”–thinking I should really post a video on my blog (it’s been awhile).  What propped up were a bunch of college interviews based on students’ perception of a good teacher, some TED talks about why kids hate school, and a whole bunch of educational hooplah.  I looked at my laptop and squinted my eyes to read the title “How to find and do work you love.”  It was a TEDx talk that featured Scott Dinsmore, a man who created the website: “Live Your Legend,” a place where people find inspiration and demonstrate passion for what they do.

Visit Scott’s site here:  http://liveyourlegend.net/

I watched his 18 minute video and felt engaged and motivated throughout.  Though this is not an instructional strategy video, it is a video that I think is worthwhile for other passionate teachers out there (or teachers that want to leave the profession)-do what you love!  I am passionate about the world of health and the art of nursing.  This combined with the opportunity to teach it, I think I am on the right track.


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